A Swift (macOS/iOS) framework for interacting with Awair air monitoring devices.

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AirAware is an open source framework to help developers monitor and understand the air quality around them. Currently, AirAware supports:

Accounts and API Keys:

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- Swift Package Manager

AirAware has native SPM support.

- Carthage

AirAware may be installed via Carthage. To install it, simply add the following line to your Cartfile:

github "cheesemaker/airaware"

Then, following the instructions for integrating Carthage frameworks into your app, link the UUSwift framework into your project.


This library requires a deployment target of iOS 13.0 or greater or OSX 10.10 or greater. AirAware currently supports Swift version 4.0


Please open pull requests against the develop branch


AirAware is written entirely in Swift and currently does not support Objective-C interoperability.


AirAware is available under the MIT license. See for more information.


A list of contributors is available through GitHub.